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Explaining the measures in place to prevent duplicate feedback submission, such as the use of temporary cookies

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About cookies

To prevent collecting duplicate feedback, CloseAlert places a cookie in the browser with a validity for 1 hour. It is placed once the respondent redirects from the e-mail to the CloseAlert form.
If a respondent refreshes the web page whilst submitting an answer, responses already given will not be re-submitted. The database will re-load (and show) the feedback already given.

How does the cookie work?

The cookie is identified with:

  • form_id

  • mailing name (if applicable)

This means that, in order to determine whether a response is unique or a duplicate, the CloseAlert software will look for a combination of the above two. If there is a match, the respondent is not able to submit feedback again (within the same hour).

Cookies and Tripolis

Tripolis does not include a mailing name in the URL. Instead it uses 'tripolis_job_id'. The 'tripolis_job_id' is treated as 'mailing name' in the above explanation.

Submitting feedback in 'incognito mode'

In case a respondent has turned cookie capturing off (such as the use of incognito mode), CloseAlert will remove duplicate entries based on:

  1. Same email address

  2. Same IP address

  3. Responses within a few minutes

All will be removed, apart from the last one submitted. In case you have a follow-up notification active, only this response will be forwarded.

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