Please note that this feature is accessible for users with 'project admin' rights only.

How to access the ESP settings

You'll access the ESP settings from the project settings in the top right-hand corner of CloseAlert (in this example, settings of several ESPs are already uploaded):

Here you can manage the ESP specific settings such as; changing the URL from HTTPS (our default) to HTTP, add, edit, or remove merge tags, and dis-/enable the Iframe.

Start by selecting the 'manage ESP settings' button:

Step 1: ESP selection

Next, select the Email Service Provider you want to set up first:

If you work with multiple ESPs, you can add these one by one, and change settings for each single ESP.

Step 2: ESP settings

You have the option to modify the following per ESP;

  • Dis-/enable HTTPS

  • Manage the default merge tags

  • Add merge tags

  • Dis-/enable Iframe

Next, learn how to dis-/ enable HTTPS

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