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How to Change Your Avatar, Name, Email address, Password and En-/Disable Two factor authentication

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Under Personal Settings on the top right you'll find everything you need to update your personal credentials that are tied to your account. 

After selecting 'Personal Settings', you can easily update;

  • your avatar, 

  • name, 

  • email address,

  • password,

  • two factor authentication

Two factor authentication

For additional security when logging in, make use of two factor authentication. Once enabled, there will be two steps to log in via two separate devices: 

  • the one you log in on (user name and password);

  • your mobile phone (verification code) 

Enabling two factor authentication

Enable two factor authentication via the toggle below:

A screen will appear where you need to fill out your number (always include the country code). Following this, you immediately receive an SMS with the verification code in order to verify your number. 

From here onward, you need both your e-mail address and password along with the verification SMS from your phone in order to log into CloseAlert.

Logging in with two factor authentication

Log into CloseAlert via the browser as you are used to:

Once done, you'll receive an SMS with your unique verification code on the phone number set up. 

Add this code to the screen appearing in your browser:

Please note: the verification code is valid for one minute. After this, you will need to have a code re-send.

Change your phone number

If you want to change your phone number, first disable the two factor authentication via the toggle in your personal settings. A warning message will appear:

Now you can enable two factor authentication again with the new phone number.

Lost your phone?

This will require you to dis-able the two factor authentication allowing you to log-in without a verification code. 

  1. Select 'Having trouble with Two Factor Authentication?' on the log-in page;

2. On the next screen, select 'Disable Two Factor Authentication'; 

3. You'll receive an email confirming your action;

4. Confirm by selecting the green button. Click the button to disable two factor authentication. Now you can now log in with just your email address and password;

Remember to re-enable your Two Factor Authentication again as soon as you are back in.

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