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How to view your In-email content results
How to view your In-email content results
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In the top-left corner you are able to select either the Forms overview (to manage and create the forms) or the Results overview (to view the results). Upon logging into CloseAlert, you'll land in the Results overview.

By default, when landing here, you will see the Email satisfaction results using the smallest scale (usually Email sentiment). In the navigation column on the left, you can choose different Email satisfaction scales or navigate to other categories. 

Select the 'In-email content' category to view all In-email results. The view contains all emails that received feedback. In-email results are stored by the specific campaign name set-up in the ESP. Unlike the 'Email satisfaction' category, no quick results are visible in the Results view due to the fact that the different In-email questions are not always comparable. 


Structure the results in order to keep a clear overview of all In-email result. You are able to move emails in different folders without limitation. In-email content results do not include statistics view based on folder level. 

Individual campaign results

When selecting the campaign name of an email, the results of this individual email are generated. On the left-hand side of the screen you can select one of the questions from within the form used for the email. Depending on the question type, you will see the matching results per possible answer. 

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