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How to view your Customer journeys results
How to view your Customer journeys results
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In the top-left corner you are able to select either the Forms overview (to manage and create the forms) or the Results overview (to view the results). Upon logging into CloseAlert, you'll land in the Results overview.

By default, when landing here, you will see the Email satisfaction results.

On the results page, navigate to 'Customer Journeys':

All forms created under 'Customer Journeys' in the 'Forms overview' which received feedback will be visible here. Please note: Feedback will be displayed per form; not per email.


In this category Folders do not exist. Moving Customer Journey forms to folders is not possible. 

Customer Journey results

When selecting the name of a form, the results of this form are generated. The form results are compiled in an overview dashboard including:

  • Average score

  • Number of respondents giving a certain score

  • Percentage of respondents giving a certain score

  • Graph with the score over-time

  • Average score split per device and operating system

If you have added additional questions to your CES form, the answers to these questions are shown on the left hand side of the results overview. 

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