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How to manually remove responses in bulk or individually

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Test responses can lead to skewed results. Deleting these results is easy and can be done in bulk (prior to launching the email) or individually.

Delete results in bulk

Likely, you'll have gathered multiple results during the testing stage. As a best practice, remove these results before launching your email.

Delete 'email' and 'in-email content' results

For email satisfaction and in-email content, simply delete the email from your results dashboard:

As soon as a respondent submits feedback through the widget in the email, the results will appear on your results page again.

Delete customer journey and customer relationships results

Similarly, you are able to delete responses from the forms (make sure you are on the Results page when doing this!);

Delete folder results

The last option to remove results in bulk is to delete a folder. Deleting a folder will remove everything within this folder, including sub-folders.

Delete individual response(s)

In order to remove individual response(s), go to the results section of your dashboard and select the email. Then, in the upper right-hand corner, select Manage:

Next, the response list opens, where the oldest responses are shown first.

Identify the responses to be removed by selecting the checkboxes. This activates the 'delete responses' button on top:

Confirm deleting the responses by selecting the delete button:

Please note; once you confirm any deletion (bulk or individually), this is permanent! This data can't be restored.

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