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Add branding and create several branding templates
Add branding and create several branding templates

Explaining how to create multiple templates, add a logo, change color, add background images and change the font type

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Please note, this feature is accessible for users with 'project admin' rights only.

About the branding feature

Branding is part of our CX Premium package* and can be found under the Project Settings. You have the option to create multiple templates which can be applied per form. The branding feature allows you to control:

  • images

  • font type

  • colors

  • overlay opacity

Branding templates

You are able to create multiple templates, which you can apply per form. If you send out communication for multiple (sub-)brands and you work from within one project, it allows you to individually brand each form as needed. 

Add a branding template

Go to Project Settings and Branding templates and select 'Create new template'.

Make sure to add a recognizable name. The default template name is not editable.

Add a branding template to a form

Learn in our article 'Form settings' how to add branding templates to your forms. Continue reading for an explanation about adding a new branding.

Changing images

Following images can be controlled:

  • Company logo (for desktop and mobile separately)

  • Form background

  • Thank you page background

  • Color of the CloseAlert logo

Use your company logo to brand your form by selecting the 'Change logo' button. You may want to use separate logos for desktop and mobile.

SVG, JPG or PNG are acceptable formats.
Images will be shown at 148 × 48 pixels. For proper rendering on HiDPI / retina displays, upload an image of least 296 x 96 pixels.

Change image

If the online email version is not available, a background image will show. You can choose to use different images for the form and thank you page background. Select the 'Change image' button to upload the image.

JPG, GIF or PNG are acceptable formats.
The image can’t be larger than 1440 x 900 pixels or 2MB in size.

Finally, the CloseAlert logo at the bottom of the screen can be changed to either black or white:

Changing font type

Change the font type via the drop-down menu:

The available fonts are:

  • Gotham book (CloseAlert default)

  • Georgia

  • Palatino Linotype

  • Times New Roman

  • Arial

  • Verdana

  • Courier

Changing colors

Colors can be individually changed throughout the form. If you have your HEX color codes at hand, simply type them into the color boxes:

If you do not know your HEX color codes, use an HTML color picker such as;

Every box controls a different section of the form:

At the bottom of the branding builder you will find a visual explanation, which boxes correspond to which part of the form:

Changing overlay opacity

The overlay of the form is by default set at 80% opacity. If you want to increase the transparency of the overlay, decrease the opacity percentage.

Removing branding

Remove the branding by using the 'Reset to default' button in the top-right-hand corner;

Using this button, will remove all branding (images, font changes, colors, etc.) for your forms. 

Preview and testing

Take time to thoroughly test your branding on different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet). Include the URL to an online email to view the form as if you were one of your customers. Use the 'Preview form' button at the bottom of your screen any time to test your changes;

* If you do not have the CX Premium package in your license but would like to, contact your Customer Success Manager for more information!

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