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Automatically move emails into the right folders with folder rules
Automatically move emails into the right folders with folder rules

Save time moving emails into folders manually by setting up folder rules

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Set folder rules

Go to your Email satisfaction or In-email content section, press the dropdown button on the chosen folder and select 'Set folder rules'.

The folder rules modal will pop up. Here you can add rules to your folder:

If the email name of new incoming results contains any of the text of the set rule, the email will be automatically added to the selected folder. The rule will be applied from that moment on; without retroactivity (current results will stay where they are). 

For example: if you edit the folder rules of the folder named 'Newsletters' and add the rule 'nl_2019', new incoming mailings named 'Spring_collection_nl_2019' and 'nl_2019_follow_up_email' will be automatically moved to the folder 'Newsletters'.

If an incoming mailing doesn't match any of the set folder rules, it will be placed in the main overview of your Email satisfaction or In-email content results.

Keep in mind when creating folder rules

  • You can add multiple rules to one folder.

  • The rule will be applied when the email name contains all of the text; it is not necessary that the name starts or ends with this text.

  • The folder rule must contain at least two characters (e.g. solely '1' is not accepted).

  • The rules are case sensitive. This means that rules can be saved with capital letters too. E.g.: the rules 'welcome', 'Welcome' and 'WELCOME' are all unique and will be matched to different emails. 

  • Folder rules must be unique. If you already added the exact same rule to another folder, you are not able to add this rule to the selected folder.

Similar folder rules

When a new folder rule is similar to an already existing rule, you'll get a warning about this. We will automatically use the rule that matches the most characters of the email name. 

For example: there is a rule 'NL_2019' in folder 'Welkom 2019'. Now you're creating a new folder rule, 'NL_2019_03', and add this to the folder 'Welkom maart 2019'. Once a mailing comes in, we will automatically use the rule that matches the most characters of the mailing name.

So, in this case, when the mailing is named 'NL_2019_03_18', it will automatically be moved to the folder 'Welkom maart 2019', as this rule matches the most characters (10 characters matched with 'NL_2019_03' vs. 7 characters with 'NL_2019').

Folder rules with a unique amount of characters

Note: when there are multiple rules that 'match the most' characters, the rule that matches first will be applied. For example: If you've set folder rule 'June' in folder X and '2019' in folder Y (both 4 characters), and the name of your mailing is 'June 2019', the mailing will be moved to folder X, as the mailing name starts with 'June'.

Folder rules in your results overview

Once a rule is applied, this will be clarified in your results overview underneath the folder name:

Edit and delete existing folder rules

May you want to edit or delete applied folder rules, you can move back to the pop-up modal through the dropdown menu: 

Here you can either edit or delete the rules:

If you delete a folder that contains folder rules, you will permanently delete the folder results and rules:

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