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Manually forward comments to act on individual feedback messages
Manually forward comments to act on individual feedback messages
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You may want (one of) your colleagues to follow up on certain feedback messages you come across in your CloseAlert portal. In order to realize this, you can manually forward an individual comment.

Forward message

Go to the comment you want to forward. Once you hover over the comment, the 'Forward' button will appear:

When you click on the button, the forwarding modal will pop up:

Add in the 'To:' field the email address of the colleague to whom you want to send the message. If you want to send the comment to multiple colleagues, you can add several email addresses, separated by commas. 

Under 'Your message:' you can add a message that will be sent along with the feedback. This is optional, but might come in handy in order to give more context to the feedback or ask your colleague a question about the message. Please note: additional information (e.g. the mailing name, form name, date and time of feedback) will be sent along at all times.

By default, the feedback message is anonymous. May you want to send the respondent's personal information, make sure to tick the 'Include personal data' box.

Click 'Send' to immediately send the feedback message by email to your colleague(s). Shown below is an example of how this email looks like:

Once you've forwarded a comment, this will be pointed out in your comments overview, including the email addresses to which the message has been sent:

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