Please note that this feature is accessible for users with 'project admin' rights only. 

What is a follow-up notification?

A follow-up notification is a trigger-based email set up on one or more given answers on your form in order to notify your helpdesk or success team to follow-up on specific customer feedback.

Set up a follow-up notification for a form

Step 1. Set up follow-up notification email addresses
Go to the right form and then to Follow-up settings:

Here you can fill in the follow-up email addresses. You have two options here:

  1. You can add only one email address, e.g. the email address of your customer care department, so feedback will automatically be sent to them. 

  2. You can add multiple email addresses, e.g. the email address of your customer care department for customer complaints, and the email address of the content marketeer for feedback on the email's content. In this way the right feedback will immediately arrive at the right person.

Below you see an example of two email addresses added:

Step 2. Activate notifications on answers
Go to the Questions tab where you will find your form questions and answers. Now you are able to decide which questions and/or answers need follow-up. If you hover over a question or answer, you will see an arrow appear.

If you've entered only one email address in the settings, you can press the arrow on the right question/answer to enable the follow-up notification:

If you've entered multiple email addresses in the settings, you can press the arrow on the right question/answer and select the right email address to enable the follow-up notification:

Please note: you can't select multiple email addresses for one question/answer. In this way the follow-up process will be controlled.

If you see a fixed arrow, the follow-up notification on this answer is set. This will also be visible for other users, the 'Normal' and 'Read only' roles, but only 'Project admin' roles can edit the follow-up notification.

If you want to disable the follow-up notification on a specific answer, you only have to click again on the same arrow to disable it.

How to decide which feedback needs follow-up

Receiving customer feedback and improving the customer experience is great, but some responses require adequate follow-up. By setting up real-time follow-up notifications you can close the loop and make your customers love you. You can also let your customers decide for themselves if they want to be contacted about their feedback.

Follow-up on negative customer feedback
If you ask the NPS question, you can set up a follow-up notification for 'Detractors' (Customers who gave you a score between 0 and 6). This is the same for the Sentiment question in the case that your customer gave you a thumbs down on your e-mail.

Let your customers decide if they want to be followed up on their feedback
Another way to manage follow-up is to let your customers decide if they want to be contacted about their given feedback as shown in the picture below:

Which information is provided in the follow-up notification?

Follow-up notifications will have the subject line: "Follow-up notification: there is new feedback that needs to be followed-up"

The first section will provide specific details such as the respondent’s email address and time received.

The second section provides the answers from the respondent. It will also provide a clear indication about which answers need follow-up. This is shown in red capital letters as 'NEEDS FOLLOW-UP'.

In section three we provide additional information for greater context and easy follow-up, for example: 

  • Form name 

  • Mailing name 

  • A link to the online version of the email 

If you've added additional customer identifiers such as 'Client ID' or 'Phone number', this will also be added in this section.

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