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How the Selection of Keywords Works

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With the comments question, you receive a broad array of answers. It's difficult to quickly analyse many different texts. To understand the general idea in one glance, we did some of the work for you.

With our text analysing tool, we search all of the answers for key words. All connecting words such as, 'the', 'it', 'of', 'and', are removed. The remaining words are grouped together and counted.

The top 10 are based on a percentage. This percentage represents the number of answers with the keyword in it with regard to the total number of answers.

Example: If you received 100 comments in total and in 80 answers the word 'great' is used, in 33 the word 'complicated' is used, and in 8 the word 'error' is used, your top keywords would be:

  1. 'great' (80%)

  2. 'complicated' (33%)

  3. 'error' (8%)

It does not matter if one respondent wrote the word 'great' one time or four times. The tool only counts the number of answers in which it is used. Of course a respondent can use both 'error' and 'complicated' in one answer, this answer is then counted for both keywords.

You can also search the comments yourself.

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