Add whitelisted domains

Whitelist specific domain names which you are using in your feedbackforms

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Please note that this feature is accessible for users with 'project admin' rights only.

You'll access the Whitelisted domains settings from the project settings in the top right-hand corner of CloseAlert

Why should I whitelist domains?

One of the features of CloseAlert is to redirect your customers to a specific url (like the online version of the email or to your website) after completing your feedback questions. Due to safety reasons it is recommended to 'whitelist' the domain names you are using for this. After whitelisting the domain names it will be impossible for malicious parties to change the redirect URL to a domain name which is not whitelisted in your account.


After you enter the Whitelist settings you have two options:

  1. Accept all domains: All domains are allowed to redirect to.

  2. Only accept whitelisted domains: Redirecting to specific urls is only allowed when domain is whitelisted.

You should select the second option. A pop-up will appear where you can add the domain names. Add all domains that you are using. If you have multiple domains separate them with a comma (e.g., From now on, customers will only be redirected if the domain name of the link corresponds with the whitelisted domains.

Please note!

It can happen that your main company domain name differs from the domain name you are use for email marketing. (e.g.: the company domain is, but the online version of our emails is displayed on Add both domain names)

Adding subdomains

When you are using subdomains you can add them one-by-one or easily add all of your subdomains at once. When you want to add all of your subdomains at once you will add them like this: *

Example: I want to add (main domain), and (subdomains).

I can add those three names comma separated to the text field (,,

Or just add the main domain name and all subdomains at once by adding an asterisk for the subdomain name (*

Please note!

Sometimes it is hard to recognize a subdomain. A subdomain does always have a name or a character just before the main domain name ( and are both subdomains of the domain

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