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Manually Export Results to Excel
Manually Export Results to Excel

Learn how to manually export results per campaign, folder or of all results

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Exporting data per campaign

When you are analyzing the results of a specific campaign, you can easily export the customer data to Excel. 

You can find the Export button at the top right corner. 

If you click on the Export button, the export will start. If you are exporting a large file, it could take a few minutes to process. Exports exceeding 75,000 rows cannot be exported in this fashion; for this please use the (S)FTP export. If you do try to export a file exceeding this limit, you will see an error message.

Exporting data for a specific date range

If you select the All time button next to the Export button, you can select a specific data range. Choose between the following options: 

  • Last 7 days, 

  • Last 30 days, 

  • Last 12 months,

  • All time,

  • custom date range

Once you select and display a specific time range, only the feedback data in that range will be exported. 

Exporting data per folder

In order to export your data per folder, click on 'View folder stats' for the specific folder on your Results page:

Once entering the specific folder stats, exporting your data works the same way as mentioned above.

Exporting all results

If you want to export all results, you can do so via your Results page. Select a date range and select 'Export'. You're able to export all responses or the responses of the specific category inside the selected period:

If the export is too large, an error message will appear. Up to 75,000 lines of data per export are allowed. Either decrease your date range and try again:

Or use the (S)FTP export.

Automated exports via (S)FTP

For a large quantity of data, we recommend exporting data automatically. This can be done through an (S)FTP Export. 


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