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Explaining the use of an email satisfaction form

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Measuring email satisfaction

The email satisfaction form is primarily used to gather feedback over the specific email the CloseAlert widget is placed in. It measures the overall satisfaction of your emails with either a rating question or sentiment question. A standard question to ask is for example:

When to use this category?

You would apply email satisfaction if you want to:

  • get insights into the sentiment score per email send;

  • get insights into the sentiment score per campaign;

  • build a general understanding what your customers like / don't like;

  • compare email sends and campaigns;

  • monitor improvements/changes.

Using this category is especially suitable if you:

  • are (responsible for) sending a lot of different emails/campaigns;

  • continuously implement improvements;

  • look at email relevance in addition to conversion

Why is the sentiment question mandatory for 'Email Satisfaction'?

Whilst many things about an email can be measured in many ways, the satisfaction can only be measured with the sentiment question style. This makes it possible to compare results from different emails with each other, otherwise you are comparing apples with oranges.

Viewing your results

Your results will pop up on the results page under 'Email satisfaction' as soon as the first response has been given. 

You'll find them under the email name (merge tag '&mailing=') as it is set-up in your ESP.
In case '&mailing=' is not included in the CloseAlert feedback URL, you'll find the results under [NO EMAIL NAME PRESENT].

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