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Explaining standard merge tags in use, how to set the correct merge tags for your ESP, and remove unwanted merge tags

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Please note that this feature is accessible for users with 'project admin' rights only.

You'll access the ESP settings from the project settings in the top right-hand corner of CloseAlert:

After you enter the ESP settings and have selected your ESP, you have the option to manage the merge tags for the selected ESP under 'Step 2: ESP settings'.

Standard merge tags

CloseAlert uses 3 standard merge tags to add more context to the received customer feedback. These are:

  • Email name (mailing=)

  • Email address (email=)

  • Online version of the email (mail_url=)

Disable a merge tag

Via the toggle on the right-hand side a merge tag can be disabled. After disabling, the merge tag will not appear in the URL and this information will not be captured.

Please note!
mailing = can never be disabled, it can however be customized (see below).

Edit a merge tag

Edit the merge tags to match them with your ESP, via the editing icon. Simply enter the required merge tag format and select done:

Now, whenever you select the 'implement widget' button on your form and this ESP, the correct URL is ready for use.

Please note!

  • mailing = can never be empty and needs a merge tag set-up at all times.

  • Mailplus & Silverpop exceptions: the mail_url= is not editable since it is generated outside the ESP. There are no standard merge tags for this. En-/ disabling mail_url= is possible for Mailplus & Silverpop.

Prefer to receive anonymous feedback?

If you prefer to receive anonymous feedback, make sure to disable the merge tags 'email address' and 'online version of the email' and your customers' data will not be recognized.

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