Managing Iframe

How to dis- or enable Iframe and why should you want to?

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Please note that this feature is accessible for users with 'project admin' rights only.

You'll access the ESP settings from the project settings in the top right-hand corner of CloseAlert:

After you enter the ESP settings and have selected your ESP, you have the option to dis-/ enable the Iframe under 'Step 2: ESP settings'.

Enable or disable Iframe

Iframe settings are managed per ESP.
By default, the online version (mail_url) of the email is shown in the background of your form. By disabling the Iframe, the online version is not shown. Disable the Iframe via the toggle:

What happens if I disable Iframe?

If you disable the Iframe, the online version (mail_url = ) will not show in the background of the feedback form. Disabling this feature, will make sure your respondent is redirected to the online email version after providing feedback.

There are also other redirect options that can be enabled, such as ‘Redirect to a webpage after giving feedback' and 'Call-To-Action' button on the ‘Thank you page’. These settings can be found under the form settings.

When should I disable the Iframe?

If your CloseAlert form is in HTTPS and the web version of your email in HTTP, the web version will not load in the background of the form. In this case, disable the Iframe. You can set a background image through branding* or leave the background black. The respondent is directed back to the online email after closing the feedback form.

*Part of the CX Premium package

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