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Use an In-email content form to get feedback about a content block

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Measuring In-email content

Using in-email content is ideal for building a granular understanding about what parts of your emails your customer likes / doesn't like. It provides a greater understanding of your customer as well as where to tweak your email messaging.
The CloseAlert widget is placed in the body of the email, underneath a specific article. For this reason, you'll want to decrease the size of the widget.

When to use this category?

This form is set-up to be applicable to a certain content block within your email. In order to improve on relevance an personalisation, you could for example ask about: 

  • the article relevance;

  • content clarity; 

  • purchase intention

You would apply in-email content if you:

  • want to optimise content; 

  • are able to influence or make make changes to the content;

  • want to test a proposition or message (e.g. an A/B test)

How do I get feedback on multiple blocks of content in an email?

Results of the in-email forms are generated per mail send. If you wish to ask about multiple parts/ blocks of your email, make sure to create one form (in-email content) per part/ block, thus multiple forms per email. If you re-use the same widget, results will not be separated!

Viewing your results

Your results will pop up on the results page under 'in-email content' as soon as the first response has been given. 

You'll find them under the email name (merge tag '&mailing=') as it is set-up in your ESP.
In case '&mailing=' is not included in the CloseAlert feedback URL, you'll find the results under [NO EMAIL NAME PRESENT].

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