Customer relationships

Explaining the use of a customer relationship form

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Measuring customer relationships

Customer relationships
Use a customer relationship form to evaluate, optimize, and monitor the overall relationship your company/brand has with your customers. A great example fitting into this category is the relational NPS.

When to use this category?

You would apply customer journeys if you want to:

  • get a high-level insight into client satisfaction;

  • learn about areas of improvement;

  • learn what your customers think your company's strengths are;

  • gather steering information for your management team.

Using this category is especially suitable if you are responsible or share responsibility for the overall customer experience.

Viewing your results

Your results will pop up on the results page under 'Customer relationships' as soon as the first response has been given. Since this measurement is either ongoing or periodically and not related to the email which it is included in, the results are viewed per form name.

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