How to Write Questions and Answers

A description of different question types that can be used in the form

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When creating a form, you start with the first question. This question should be the same as the one visible though the widget in your email template. It's the main question your customer responds to. 

It is possible to add questions to your form. As soon as the respondent clicks on an answer in the email widget, he/ she is redirected to the CloseAlert form where these are visible.
This CloseAlert form appears in a new browser window. Learn more about adding questions and logic here.

Changing text

You are free to change the text of the question and answers simply by making your cursor active (select it) on the line item and start typing.

Changing the question style

Change the question style via the drop-down on the right-hand side of the question;

Pick an option from the dropdown menu:

For additional information about the question styles available, follow any of the hyperlinks below:

Important note: The first question in the Email Satisfaction category must always a sentiment or a rating (otherwise results aren't comparable).

* These question types are part of our CX Premium package. You may not have access; ask your Customer Success Manager for more info.

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