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Edit an existing form (with responses)

Options for changing a form after it has been used in an email and consequently generated feedback

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You may think about changing an already implemented form that has generated feedback. However, please take into account the following information, as this action may affect your results.

Possibilities for editing a form

After an implemented form has received feedback, you are able to make below changes without implications for the existing results:

  • Change the text of the question

  • Add a question at the end of a form

  • Add an extra multiple choice answer option

  • Delete a question at the end of a form (Please note: the existing results of this question will be removed as well)

Changes you are not able to make as it will affect existing results:

  • Change any of the question types

  • Add a question and put it in front of already existing questions

  • Re-arrange the order of the questions

  • Delete any question other than the last (it alters the question index)

Keep in mind when making changes

Changing the way you phrase a question influences a respondent's answer. Therefore, if you drastically change the question text, we recommend creating a new form.

Altering the question in the form will alter the question in the export. Existing results, acquired previously to the change, will be stored under the new question text. You will not be able to trace back which answer was given to which exact question text. If you want to make a relatively big change, we recommend to create a new form.

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