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How Rating works and when you should use it

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What is a Rating scale?

Rating measures customer satisfaction (CSAT) by asking your customers to rate a specific aspect of your service/product/email campaign. This question style can also be used periodically to measure the CSAT over time.

When to use Rating?

Rating allows you to collect feedback on how your customers score/rate a specific aspect of your offering. Measuring CSAT for example, commonly uses a 5-point scale, where 1 implies "Very dissatisfied" and 5 "Very satisfied".  Customize your scale to use any rating from 3 to 10.

The question could be any variation of the following;

"How satisfied are you about (this e-mail / our customer service / our product, etc.)?"

Think about using Rating to measure satisfaction on:

  • Customer service/support

  • Product feedback

  • Delivery feedback

  • Email satisfaction

  • Promotion offering

  • etc.

How to set-up a Rating question?

Start your form with a Rating question from any category. Either start with the pre-built template (Email satisfaction (5-points)) under 'Email satisfaction:

or, create a custom form (under any of the other categories) and select the 'Rating' question:

By default, Rating uses a 5-point scale. The scale and description can be adjusted via the question settings button:

You can ask additional questions, based on any of the question answers. Add these questions to your form and make sure to skip to the right question. 

Viewing the Rating results

Email satisfaction

When you are using Rating instead of the 2-points sentiment question to measure email satisfaction, results are aggregated on the results page under 'Email satisfaction'.
For easy comparison, we recommend to use only one scale but should you use multiple, results are grouped in sub-categories (allowing like-for-like comparison):

Since you'll be measuring satisfaction over the email content itself, results are saved under the mailing name.

Other categories

For all other categories, the results are not grouped into sub-categories. You will find results under the category and:

  • email name (for in-email content)

  • form name (customer journeys & relationships)

The dashboard

The results are compiled in an overview dashboard including:

  • Rating score (average)

  • Number of respondents giving a certain score

  • Percentage of respondents giving a certain score

  • Graph with the score over-time

  • (Average) Score split per device and operating system

If you have added additional questions to your Rating form, the answers to these questions are shown on the left hand side of the results overview.

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