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How a Sentiment Question Works and When You Should Use It

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What is a sentiment question

With our thumbs up/down functionality you can easily ask people about their opinion and determine how people feel about your email, company, etc. and if improvements are needed. The sentiment question always contains two answer options: positive and negative.

How to create a sentiment question

Create a new form and select the Email satisfaction category. You can start from the pre-built template (Email satisfaction (sentiment)) or create a custom form:

The Email sentiment is a 2-point scale question. You can create your own question and answer choices. The sentiment question should always have two answers; positive and negative. These answers should match with the icons you see in the picture above, so the positive answer should be first and the negative answer should be second. Below you see an example of how a email satisfaction form would look like:

You can ask additional questions, based on any of the question answers. Add these questions to your form and make sure to skip to the right question. 

Viewing the Sentiment results

On the results page, navigate to 'Email satisfaction'. All results are aggregated here under your mailing name.

The form results are compiled in an overview dashboard including:

  • Sentiment score

  • Number of respondents giving a certain score

  • Percentage of respondents giving a certain score

  • Graph with the score over-time

  • Average score split per device and operating system

If you have added additional questions to your Email satisfaction form, the answers to these questions are shown on the left hand side of the results overview.

Score calculation

The sentiment score ranges from -10 to 10 and provides a quick indication of the overall sentiment.

It's calculated as following:

Total responses = 53
Positive = 49
Negative = 4

Positive (49) - Negative (4) = 45
45 / 53 (total) = 0.85
0.85 x 10 = 8.5

Your sentiment score is 8.5

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