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Collect Customer Information such as Email Address, Phone Number or Residential Address

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What is the form question type

Form questions let you create free input fields for your customers and can be used to collect additional customer information such as:

  • Name

  • Email address (if not collected automatically)

  • Phone number

  • Residential address

  • Etc.

How to setup a form question

Select the form question type in the dropdown menu and type your question in the form editor, e.g.: "Can you please fill in your contact details?"

Now we can add a label name to the first input field. This is the label your customers are going to see in the input field. 

To give a short example, we can ask customers to enter their 'First name' and 'Email address'. For their 'First name' we select the answer type 'Text' and for their 'Email address' we select the answer type 'Email address'.

You can choose from a variety of answer types:

  • Email address

  • Number

  • Phone number

  • Postal code (Dutch)

  • Text

  • URL

If you hit the 'Save' button and select 'Preview,' you can see how the form will appear to your customers. 

Error messages

When a respondent e.g. fills out an incorrect email address, an error message will appear. This looks like the following:

The error messages can be adjusted in the Form settings. 

How many fields can a form question contain?

You are able to add as many fields as you'd like, but we advise limiting the number of fields to 3 or fewer.

Asking about Sensitive Personal Data ('bijzondere persoonsgegevens')

Please note that, by law, it is not permitted to ask a respondent about sensitive personal data, such as:

  • Religion or belief

  • Race

  • Political preferences

  • (State of) health

  • Sexual life

  • Union membership

  • Criminal record

The citizen service number (bugerservicenummer or BSN) is unique and traceable to a certain person and therefore considered sensitive personal data as well.

An organization may not make use of Sensitive Personal Data under any circumstance, unless there is an exception by law.

Form input fields capturing PII data

PII data is any information that, either directly or indirectly, distinguishes one person from another and influences the anonymity of this person. Learn more about PII data here.

CloseAlert uses a few default Form input fields that are considered PII:

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Postal code (Dutch)

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