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Set-up an automated redirect to a thank you page
Set-up an automated redirect to a thank you page

Let your respondent skip the feedback form when your form contains only one question

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By default, after clicking the CloseAlert widget in your emails, respondents are send to a CloseAlert feedback form where they answer additional questions. However, when you've created a form that contains only one question (e.g. What do you think of this email?) you may decide to let your respondents skip the feedback form and send them directly to the thank you page.

Set-up an auto redirect to the thank you page

In order for respondents to by-pass the feedback form, you will need to manually add a tag to your implemented URLs. This tag is as follows:


Below you see an example of how your form URL would look like:

From a respondents perspective, here's what happens once implemented this way:

  1. The respondent clicks the positive button in your email:

2. The respondent is directly redirected to the form's thank you page:

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