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Create Customizable Thank You Pages
Create Customizable Thank You Pages

Add multiple thank you pages and redirect the respondent to a page based on answers given

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The advantage of using multiple thank you pages

It is possible to add multiple thank you pages per form and redirect the respondent based on answers given.

Two examples:

  • A respondent is positive and interested in making use of your offer. Create a thank you page which redirects to your landing page in order to complete the purchase (read here how to create a redirect).

  • Another respondent is negative and has had issues with his last order. He would like to speak with your company's customer care. Create a thank you page with the message: 'We will contact you within two business days.' and follow up on his feedback (read here how to add a follow up notification).

Add a thank you page

By default, the form has one thank you page which cannot be deleted.
Please note: it is recommended to always keep a default thank you page in your form, showing a default thank you message, such as: 'Thank you for your feedback'. In this case, respondents who don't finish the form and e.g. submit their answer after the first question, will always be redirected to this thank you page.

In order to add another thank you page, on your form, hover over the line-item of the first thank you page and select the '+' sign.

A modal will pop-up via which you can create and alter the settings of the additional thank you page:

Page title

Give it a recognizable title, preferably linked to the use-case for the page, for example: "If was positive". This titel will only be visible to you, within the form editor 

Thank you title + thank you message

Immediately after a respondent selects the Submit button on the feedback form, there is an immediate redirect to the respective thank you page with the title, message (and if applicable specific redirect). 

Redirect options

Per thank you page, there are three (automated) redirect options:

  • Online version of the email

  • Call-to-action button

  • Redirect to a specific URL

Read this helpcenter article to find out how to change the redirect options.

Saving the thank you page

Upon saving the thank you page, this will look like the following in your form:

Add logic to the thank you pages

In order to add logic and direct the respondent to the correct thank you page, select the right thank you page under 'Skip to': 

Deleting a thank you page

If you want to delete a thank you page, hover over the line item and select the delete icon:

After deleting a thank you page, the order of the other pages stays fixed and the relation stays the same.
If a thank you page is added as logic after a question and you delete this thank you page, behind this question underneath 'Skip to', the thank you page will be removed and changed into 'Next question'.

Note: you're not able to move a thank you page up or down.

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